Building Permits

Obtaining Building Permits

The homeowner, their agent, and/or contractors licensed by the State of California may obtain building permits. 

Online Permit Processing

All building permits are required to be submitted and processed online using our Citizen Access Portal. This site allows you to submit a permit application with PDF attachments, pay the required fees, and request inspections, The portal also allows you to research your permit status and history.

You will need to register on the Citizen Access Portal to create a user account, once the account is created and approved (this may take a few hours) you may submit permit applications online anytime. Please note the Citizen Access Portal will only allow you to look up permits where you are named as a contact (property owner, contractor, etc.), you will not be able to research permits that do not involve your property or business.

Once an application is submitted it will need to be reviewed and approved by city staff before you can pay and print your permit. This process usually takes a few hours. You will be notified by e-mail anytime your application status changes. If providing attachments such as plans or other applicable documents, please ensure they are properly labeled, organized, oriented and submitted in PDF format as combined files ( Plans, calculations, supporting docs).

Licensed Contractors

It is recommended that a licensed contractor conduct work on your project. You can research information on any contractor by logging onto the Contractors Licensing Board’s website or you may contact them at 800-321-CSLB.

Permit Requirements & Exemptions

If you have questions on whether your project requires a permit, refer to the permit requirements and exemptions page for more information.

Zoning Requirements

Please note that all projects may not be allowed in all zoning districts. It is recommended that you contact the Planning Division prior to any significant investment in your project.

A building permit application should include a plot plan drawn to scale. Information on the plot plan should include:

  • The shape and dimensions of the lot
  • Location of any oak trees on the property or adjoining properties
  • Any existing structures and its use
  • Size and location of the proposed structure and its use
  • The required setbacks
  • Location of any existing roads, any dedicated rights-of-way, or easements
  • The drainage flows of the property