Projects Under Review

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The following applications are under review by the Planning Division and other agencies. These applications will be forwarded to the the approving authority for final action at a later date.

Projects Under Review as of August 17, 2017

Address Project Name Date Submitted Description Current Status
7925 Arcadia Drive Mitchell Farms 11/3/2016 The City has received an application for a General Plan Amendment, Rezone, Tentative Subdivision Map, Design Review Permit, and Tree Permit for the development known as Mitchell Farms on the Sunrise Golf Course site (7925 Arcadia Drive). The site is bordered by Fair Oaks Boulevard and Arcadia Drive. The project is an infill residential development comprised of a mix of housing products and densities. The following is a breakdown of the proposed housing by type: Conventional Single Family: 76
​ Cluster Units: 72
​ Alley Loaded Units: 113
​ TOTAL: 261

​The project provides approximately 20-acres of passive open space within the 100-year flood plain associated with the tributary to Arcade Creek. This includes multi-use trails, passive park facilities, and associated improvements within the 100 year floodplain affiliated with the tributary to Arcade Creek.
Under Review
Proposed Tentative Map May 2017

Notice of Preparation of EIR

​Auburn Blvd
Stock Ranch Guide
04/19/2016 Revisions to the Guide for Development to allow for site plan and circulation changes. Under

Proposed Site Plan
6141 Greenback Lane Shell Station Hydrogen Addition 08/08/2017 Addition of hydrogen fuel filling pumps to an existing gas station. Under Review
7590 Greenback Lane Greenback Ridge Parking Lot 04/24/2017 Applicant is proposing to expand parking lot for an existing apartment complex onto an adjoining vacant parcel.  The parking lot will include site improvements of stripping, landscaping, and drainage. Under Review
7847 Lichen Drive Recycling Center 06/20/2017 Addition of a CRV redemption center in parking lot of an existing shopping center. Under Review
7935 Madison Avenue Parcel Map 07/14/2017 An application to subdivide an existing shopping center into parcels. Under Review
7117 Oakberry Way Oakberry Well Reactivation 08/04/2017 Reactivate an existing water well for Cal-Am Water Company. Under Review

Old Auburn Rd

Bearpaw Village Townhomes 12/23/2014 Applicant is proposing to construct a 42 unit multi-family project on a 2.9 acre site adjacent to the Bearpaw Village Shopping Center located at the southeast corner of Sylvan Road and Old Auburn Road. Under Review

Proposed Site Plan
5421 San Juan Ave Muse Tattoo Studio 08/03/2017 An application to allow the operation of a tattoo studio. Under Review
5406 Sunrise Boulevard Parcel Map 07/14/2017 An application to subdivide an existing shopping center into parcels. Under Review
5511 Sunrise Boulevard Citrus Heights Retail Center 04/28/2017 Demo a former restaurant building and construct a new 10,000 SF =/- retail building. Under Review
6982 Sunrise Boulevard Food Maxx Letter of Public Convenience & Necessity 05/25/2017 Request to allow the addition of distilled spirits to the store's product mix. Under Review
7056 Sunrise Blvd Arco Gas Station, Convenience Store, and Car Wash 10/18/2016 Application proposes to demolish an existing 2-story office building and construct a 24 hour gas station, AM/PM convenience store (3,180 sf ) & car wash bay. Additionally, development application proposes sale of beer and wine (type 20 license) in convenience store. Under Review
Proposed Site Plan

Proposed Elevations
7000 Verner Ave Verizon Cellular Communication Pole 01/15/2016 New cellular communication pole that will be designed as a tree. Under Review