Economic Development Strategy


About the Reports

The City of Citrus Heights Economic Development Strategy and Baseline Report serves as the city's work plan to strengthen and diversify the Citrus Heights economy.

Baseline Report

A Baseline Report was prepared to create a factual basis for the strategies developed.

Economic Development Strategy

The Economic Development Strategy provides a multifaceted approach to business retention and attraction by:

  • Adding more diversity to the economy
  • Assisting the existing retail base to adapt to the changing marketplace
  • Marketing the desirable residential and business qualities of Citrus Heights
  • Nurturing local small-businesses, especially home-based businesses

Annual Updates

As part of the Economic Development Strategy, the city will provide annual updates on its progress to achieve and complete projects included in the Economic Development Strategy.

Previous Versions

The updated 2011 Economic Development Strategy replaces the 1999 Economic Development Strategy. An Action Matrix Report (PDF) has been compiled to show the city's accomplishments from the 1999 Economic Development Strategy.