Medical Office Building

Why a New Medical Office Building?

As part of the City Hall Relocation Project, Dignity Health will be constructing a new Medical Office Building (MOB) at 7115 Greenback Lane, the former site of City Hall.  This project will assist the City in meeting the City Council's strategic goals and the City's economic development goals to diversify the economy. The project will also assist with the city's growing need for family primary care and specialty services and bring 170 professional jobs to Citrus Heights. Finally, the project provides a financing mechanism for the city to address its failing City Hall infrastructure, while promoting fiscal responsibility by protecting the City's General Fund and Reserve.  

The construction of the new MOB is expected to start in spring of 2017.

Project Details

  • Location: 7115 Greenback Lane (NW corner Greenback Lane and Fountain Square Drive) 
  • Site Area: 5.38 acres
  • Building Size: 3 stories, covering 68,727 square feet
  • Proposed Site Plan (PDF)
  • Elevation Conceptual View (PDF)
  • Number of parking spaces: 328 spaces including:
    • 235 regular spaces
    • 8 accessible spaces
    • 70 compact spaces
    • 7 motorcycles
    • 8 bicycle spaces