Youth and Family Services

The Youth and Family Services Unit is dedicated to the safety, development, and protection of our community’s children.  The team consists of the Investigations Lieutenant, Youth and Family Detective Sergeant, Juvenile Detective, Youth Services Officers, Police Activities League Coordinator, and Child Protective Services Specialist.


The Citrus Heights Police Activities League is a non-profit organization based within the Citrus Heights Police Department.  CHPAL provides special events all year round for our children to engage in a positive way with police officers.  Activities include sports-related coaching of football, baseball, basketball, soccer; field trips to fun children-focused locations such as local dojo and trampoline centers; and summer camps that include rafting, ropes courses, horseback riding, and swimming.  Our in-house Police Activities League Coordinator serves as the department liaison and organizes all PAL events.  All events are only $10 annually with scholarships available. 


The Juvenile Detective is a highly trained investigator who specializes in youth-related crimes, internet crimes that affect children, and missing persons or runaway investigations.  The detective also represents the department to local tasks forces related to these types of investigations and works closely with the in-house Child Protective Services Specialist.  The Juvenile Detective and Youth Services Officers also serve as Board Members for the Police Activities League.


The Youth Services Officers’ main responsibility is student safety at our local 12 elementary, middle, and high schools.  They work closely with school administrators to enhance school security, handle service calls involving students and schools, and maintain a presence on campuses to build positive relationships with students and teachers on behalf of the department.  Our Youth Services Officers also lead our Police Explorers and Public Safety Pathways programs.  There is also a dedicated Youth Services Officer who uses education, enforcement, and outreach in an effort to reduce nicotine exposure by youth use of cigarettes and vaping products.


The award-willing CHPD Police Explorer Program is designed to educate and involve youth in police operations, interest them in law enforcement careers, enhance community outreach efforts, and raise awareness of law enforcement’s role in society.  Our Explorers receive instruction in all phases of law enforcement including criminal law, traffic law, criminal investigation, crime prevention, crime scene investigation, traffic control, accident investigation, dispatch, records, and other related fields.  Explorers are ages 14-21 years old and must maintain a "C" average grade.  Explorers are not limited to those interested in law enforcement.  They use their acquired leadership skills to apply to the military, businesses, or to be better community members.  More information and applications are available online.


The Public Safety Pathways Program offered through Mesa Verde High School introduces high school students to different positions of law enforcement such as patrol, investigations, crime scene processing, records, dispatch, and more!  Selected students get hands-on experience inside the Citrus Heights Police Department while earning class credit every Spring.  Law Enforcement experts teach the criminal justice system from probable cause through arrest through final adjudication.  The students will also learn the importance of respecting the U.S. Constitution and California laws.  This is a highly respected program that enhances a student’s resume or school/job application.

For more information on these and other youth related programs or events, go to or contact Master Sergeant Janet Schaefer at