Zoning Code

Purchasing Copies

Copies of the Zoning Code may be purchased from the Planning Department for $25 for a hard copy and $15 for a CD version. For Zoning Code questions, please contact the Planning Division at 916-727-4740.

Zoning Code (updated DECEMBER 2016)

Article 1: Zoning Code Applicability

Article 2: Zoning Districts & Allowable Land Uses

Article 3: Site Planning & Project Design Standards

Article 4: Standards for Specific Land Uses

Article 5: Special Planning Area Development Standards

Article 6: Planning Permit Procedures

  • Chapter 106.60 through 106.66 (PDF)
    • Permit Application Filing and Processing
    • Permit Review and Decisions
    • Permit Implementation, Time Limits, and Extensions
    • Reasonable Accommodation
    • Exceptions to Sign Regulations

Article 7: Zoning Code Administration

Article 8: Glossary