Patrol Beats

Beat One

Beat One Commander: Lt. Alex Turcotte

“Citrus Heights is a unique place where community partnerships thrive, and with these partnerships, we can be successful and make the community safer. I am focused on problem solving, crime prevention, and innovative ways to strategically make a difference in Beat 1."
Beat 1

Beat Two

Beat Two Commander: Lt. Ryan Kinnan

“Beat Two has an excellent mix of neighborhood communities along with vibrant businesses. As the Beat Two Commander, I will work diligently with citizens and business leaders to enhance public safety and support community engagement. I look forward to meeting you and working together as a team in Beat Two."
Beat 2
Beat Three
Beat Three Commander: Lt. Chad Courtney
“As the Beat Three Commander, I work every day to develop strategic, innovative, and long lasting solutions to problems throughout the area. Beat Three has a wonderfully diverse mix of business and residential areas. It is my goal to collaborate with the citizens of Beat Three to continue to provide exceptional service, reduce crime, and improve the quality of life throughout the area.”
Lt. CourtneyCropped
Beat 3