Strategic Plan

Planning Process

The strategic planning process began 6 months ago when the 30-person planning team, composed of members representing the diverse stakeholder groups in the district, met for the 1st time. Using a consensus model of decision making, the group was able to reach 100% agreement on a list of core shared beliefs, a new mission representing the community's loftiest aspirations for the district, objectives, strategic parameters that will guide implementation of the plan, and 7 unique strategies designed to achieve the objectives and mission.

Action Teams

More than 280 volunteers then took over and met on Monday nights between February and May to design operational action plans for each of the 7 strategies identified by the planning team. Participation on action teams was open to anyone who stepped forward. Students, parents, community members, teachers, staff, and administrators all participated in groups. The action teams also used a consensus model of decision making that required everyone in the room agree before an item would become a part of the plan.

Future Planning

A similar planning process will be instituted at each of the district's 72 schools in the next 4 years to create site-based plans that align to the district's new strategic plan.

Adopting the Plan

The San Juan Unified Board of Education adopted a 5-year results-based strategic plan at a special meeting on June 23 that also celebrated the 6 months, 12,000 combined hours, and dedication of more than 300 volunteers that went into developing the plan.


San Juan Unified School District's Strategic Plan 2010-2015 (PDF) aligned and focused resources in the district toward achieving 1 unifying mission:

  • Create a plan that is based on consensus from all stakeholders in the school system
  • Impact all levels of the District including classrooms, school sites, central offices, and the community
  • Engage in a continuous renewal process that ensures we will adjust to changing conditions and continue moving forward
Strategic Plan Puzzle Pieces