History & Arts

            The HISTORY AND ARTS COMMISSION of the                  
City of Citrus Heights preserves and promotes the City's historic resources; fosters, develops, and enriches programs for the arts; and encourages citizen participation in its outreach activities.

Historic Plaques

Historic plaques mark various sites in our community that are of historic interest such as the Sylvan Cemetery and Rusch Home. These are proud and charming chronicles of a rural lifestyle from the mid 1800s to the early 1900s. For more information see the Historic Citrus Heights Brochure (PDF) and Self-Guided Tour Manual (PDF).

The Historic Resources Survey

This Historic Resources Survey was created by historic preservation expert, Carol Roland, to develop the Citrus Heights Historical Resources Survey (PDF). The Commission utilized the material in the survey to adopt recommendations regarding the relative significance of historic sites within the community.

Historical Publications

Historical publications relating to the history of Citrus Heights are housed at City Hall. View a list of publications here > Publications (PDF) and if you are interested in viewing a copy of a certain publication, please contact city staff at 916-725-2448 or by historyandarts@citrusheight.net.

The 14 Mile House

The 14 Mile House has officially been designated as a California Point of Historical Interest by the California Office of Historic Preservation. The site is now listed in the official California State Register. The building is the last of the many early inns built to serve the freight wagons along the Auburn Road. The building dates back to 1849, and is likely one of the oldest buildings in Sacramento County, even though it has been moved and remodeled. The Nomination Application (PDF) content has been adapted into a user friendly format for Citrus Heights residents.

History & Arts Commission

The History and Arts Commission assists the city in the preservation and protection of its historical resources and works to develop and promote cultural arts within the city. Each fiscal year, the commission adopts a work program outlining specific projects and themes they will concentrate on for the year.
 Work Program (PDF)