Outdoor Issues

Fence Issues

Fences within the public view that are broken, have fallen, or are deteriorated may be reported by using the online Service Request Form.

Garage Sales

A permit is not required to have a garage sale, but residents are limited to 3 garage sales per year and each one may be no longer than 2 consecutive days.


Private Property

Graffiti on private property, such as commercial buildings or fences, should be reported. Clean up of graffiti on private property is the responsibility of the property owner. The city provides free paint to assist property owners in eliminating graffiti in a prompt manner.  

Public Property

Graffiti on public property, such as sound walls, street signs, and sidewalks, should be reported to the city’s General Services Department or by completing an the online Service Request Form.

Along Interstate 80

Graffiti along Interstate 80 such as sound walls or overpasses should be reported to Caltrans at 916-859-7810.

On SMUD Utility Boxes

Graffiti on SMUD utility boxes should be reported to SMUD customer service at 888-742-7683.

Home Businesses

Citrus Heights recognizes the importance of home businesses to the community. The city has home occupation regulations to ensure that the business operations do not change or interfere with the character of the neighborhood. For reporting home businesses that are creating a public nuisance in the neighborhood such as noise or large volume of traffic, contact Code Enforcement or use the online Service Request Form. To find out more information on the home occupation regulations, contact the Planning Division.

Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping causes community blight and encourages additional acts of dumping. To report dumping use our online Service Request Form.

Junk, Rubbish & Appliances

The storage of these items in public view is an eyesore for the neighborhood and is a violation of city codes. Storage of refrigerators and other appliances is a dangerous attraction to children and is a violation of the California Penal Code. To report the storage of junk, rubbish, or appliances, use the online Service Request Form.

Weeds & Neglected Landscaping

Front lawns that are severely overgrown with weeds, brush, or are generally neglected are a code violation. To report weeds and neglected landscaping, use our online Service Request Form.