What happens when I report my neighbor for a city code violation?
We are aware that violations frequently occur due to a lack of knowledge of the codes. Therefore, our first step (for all non-emergency calls) is to send a Courtesy Letter. The Courtesy Letter is sent to the current resident advising them that a complaint has been received with a list of the alleged violations, and informing them that we will be inspecting the property on, or after 10 days from the date of the letter. These courtesy advisements allow the resident to call us with any questions or concerns and then to make any corrections necessary before an officer inspects the property. Most of the time, the Courtesy Letter resolves the issue.

In cases where compliance is not gained, an official Notice to Abate letter is sent via certified mail to the property owner, warning of monetary penalties in the form of both fees and administrative citations. These fees and fines are issued if the violations are not corrected by the official re-inspection date specified on the notice.

If you have filed a complaint and do not see any changes, please keep in mind that this process allows the residents of Citrus Heights between 10 and 20 days to bring their property into compliance before monetary penalties are issued.

You are always welcomed to contact the Code Enforcement Unit at (916) 725-2845 to check the status of any service request.

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