Old Auburn Rd Complete Streets Plan

Thanks for attending our Community Open House on 12/17!

Thank you to those who were able to join us for the Old Auburn Road Complete Streets Plan Community Open House #2.

The Community Open House was held on Tuesday, December 17 from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM at Holy Family Catholic Church. 

This Open House was a great opportunity to learn more about potential corridor improvements and provide feedback on the temporary road improvements that were on Old Auburn Road for a two week period during October, 2019.  

A summary of the event, including the materials presented at the Open House, is available.  Click here to view the event summary. (Note: the file size is very large, approx. 40 MBs.)

Click the links below to view the individual documents and charts presented at Community Open House #2.

Project Background

Proposed Cross Section for Old Auburn Road

Public Feedback

Separated Bikeways 1

Separated Bikeways 2 

Complete Streets Toolbox

Simulation Models

Collision Statistics

Who is Using Old Auburn Road?

Old Auburn & Fair Oaks Intersection Statistics

Old Auburn & Fair Oaks Demonstration Project

Levels of Service

Near Term Improvements Concepts

Long Strip Map 1

Long Strip Map 2

During the Temporary Safety Improvements (road diet demonstration) at Old Auburn Road and Fair Oaks Blvd. in October, our staff monitored the intersection with aerial drones. We shared the drone video at the open house. If you missed it, you can see the drone video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeESs-nw5So&feature=youtu.be.

Project Description:

The City of Citrus Heights has identified Old Auburn Road as an important corridor for all types of transportation.  

Currently, community concerns about Old Auburn Road include pedestrian and bicyclist safety, high vehicle speeds, and a lack of pedestrian crossings, bicycle lanes, sidewalks, and lighting. 

The Old Auburn Road Complete Streets Plan will evaluate current transportation conditions on Old Auburn Road between Auburn Boulevard and Garry Oak Drive and identify how to improve safety on the road for people driving, riding bicycles, walking, and taking transit.

This project is a major step towards making Old Auburn Road a “complete street.” 

OARCS - Rendering

A “complete street” is a transportation design and operation philosophy that intends streets to be safe, convenient and comfortable for all users, regardless of age, ability, or how one feels while traveling. Complete streets can include, but are not limited to, sidewalks, bike lanes, bus pull-outs, and traffic calming measures such as center medians and street trees.

When concluded, the Old Auburn Road Complete Streets Plan will be used to seek funding for final design and construction of the improvements.

Project Benefits:

The city has been diligently working over the past several years to increase walkability and provide improvements for pedestrians and cyclists citywide. The Old Auburn Road Complete Streets Plan aims to provide increased transportation choices and safe connections to key destinations for residents.

Project Status: 

The project team is currently developing concepts and reviewing all comments received during Community Workshop #1 and the roadway demonstration project. Community Workshop #2 will be scheduled within the next few months to discuss the data, information, alternatives, and potential roadway treatments. Stay Tuned!!


General Services Department (916) 727-4770.

Questions? Email us at OldAuburnCS@citrusheights.net 

Project Location:

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OARCS - Sign

Community Outreach:  

The Old Auburn Road Complete Streets Plan will be informed by technical analysis, best practices in transportation planning and design, and community input.  

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Old Auburn Road Temporary Safety Improvements and Community Safety Fair 

Thank you to all who joined us for the Community Safety Fair on October 19, 2019!  This kick-off and celebration for the week long temporary road changes on Old Auburn Road included a bike rodeo, helmet fittings, a pedestrian safety class, and free bicycle helmets.  There were SmaRT Ride bus tours, opportunities to see a SacMetro Fire Engine, and visits from the Citrus Heights Police Department.

The city traffic engineer, other city staff and design consultants were also available to answer questions and receive feedback regarding the temporary road changes and the overall Old Auburn Road Complete Streets Plan Project.

The temporary roadway changes (road diet demonstration) was in place from October 19 - 27 to showcase a potential alternative including lane reductions, and protected bike lanes.

Click here to see the exhibit boards from the event.

Community Workshop #1

Thank you to all who joined us for Community Workshop #1.  

Click here to see the Old Auburn Road Complete Streets Community Workshop #1 Event Summary.

Below are copies of the workshop material and exhibits.

Informational Flier: English   Spanish   Russian

Exhibit Boards:

Project Background Board

Neighborhood Board

Experience Board

Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities Board

Collision Heat Map Board

Intersection Collision Rankings Board

Collision Board

Who is Using Old Auburn Road Board

Additional Comments Board

Other Goals Board

Old Auburn Road Goals Board

Corridor Aerial